Thursday, April 19, 2012

Never a Dull Day with Kris & Amy!!!

So Amy and I were back at Monticello's in Portland today -
unloading, decorating, watering, rearranging and cleaning.
One of the best things about our trips to Portland are the
hours of brainstorming we do during the car rides (when Amy's not napping).
You should hear some of the awesome ideas we have come up with!
Our newest idea may just surprise you though...
we have such a great time with our big "Barn Space" at the Garden Show -
we love it so much that we got to thinking,
we kinda miss our store...
we've been semi-retired for about 75 days now - that's long enough, isn't it???
We've been literally looking for months for the perfect space
for our next adventure - and as fate would have it, we heard about an available
building we LOVE in a darling little town not far from where
our store used to be...
So, without further ado (drum-roll please),

Are we gluttons for punishment or what??

We are moving to 880 Main Street in BUCKLEY, Washington!
(The former Keepsakes location.)
It is an old gas station built in the 1920's and we are overflowing with ideas!!
Keep watching for the latest.
At this time it looks like we'll be open for business sometime in June -
with our Grand Opening the weekend of June 30th. But remember, between now and then you can see our fun fabulous finds at the Ruffles & Rust Show in Monroe Mothers' Day Weekend and Farm Chicks the first weekend of June!

Today's Country
FARM & Frills
is coming to Buckley
and we couldn't be more excited!!!


  1. Yeah!! Y'all are so much fun. See you soon!

    : )


  2. Wow! You can't keep creative souls down for long! Good for you and I love hearing the excitement coming through your post. And an old gas station?? How cool is that! Keep taking photos so that those of us who live far away get to see all the eye candy! Good luck!

  3. OMG!! YAY!!!! I can't wait to get back up there to see you! I love your style and appreciate all the thought you have put into your displays! I purchase alot from you at MONTICELLO! Keep the "eye candy" coming...I live in CA so I can't get back up there until about June/ perfect timing!!
    Thanks for the great of luck to you both...xok

  4. guys just kill me...LOL! What happened to "stupid store"! Really, I'm happy for you, really I am...but don't think you can sluff off at Monticello! LOL. Congrats and hugs,


  5. I couldnt be more excited for you...AND my former little store! Just the best ;)
    Deb <3

  6. Good news for those of us who miss the old was so YOU!! I am excited to see the new location and the new YOU...but glad it's the same YOU!

  7. Welcoming you to Buckley before you even get here! I am excited to have you in town!
    Gayle from Cottage Street

  8. Y'all are such talented, crazy girls! We ended up out in Buckley this last weekend - out doing some property hunting and of course, girly sh*t shopping...and I see this postcard/flier thingy with your names on it. It seriously made me laugh out loud. I'm dreaming of winning the lottery so I can start a business in Buckley and be your retail neighbor. Hugs! Can't wait to see you in your gas station. Heather Feather