Sunday, December 9, 2012

Over the river and through the woods...

Amy and I have been on the road alot lately - sorry I haven't posted any new pictures -
but I'm here to change that!
These pictures are from our Christmas Booth at Monticello's in Portland. Sooooooo much Christmas!
We are enjoying our jaunts to Portland, but I will admit, it's this time of year
I miss the store and all our wonderful customers!
In addition to Monticello's - Amy and I have recently moved into a space
at M & M Antiques in Monroe.  If you haven't already been - you need
to make a trip - it's such a wonderful mall.
Mel and all the dealers up there are a ton of fun and have
been so welcoming!
And for those of you who shopped at our store and remember all the
gals who used to work for us - I've included a picture of
our sweet Amanda and her brand new baby boy - Tyler!
I do love me a baby!!!