Monday, July 2, 2012

More Party Pictures!

Amy and I have uploaded some more pictures from our fancy phones!!  
I feel so torn - between all these techie gadgets
and our antique cash register on the counter.... 
But I guess it's like having my stainless steel appliances in the same kitchen
as my late 1800's cupboard - the best of both worlds!
Thank goodness for our helpers for the night -
my daughter Libby is in the pink hair -
with her best friend, Courtney.

Here Amy and I are surrounded by some of the most
amazingly talented women in the northwest!
Serena Thompson, (creator of the Farm Chicks phenomenon); me (Kris Strom Williamson),
Tiffany Kirchner-Dixon, (The Fancy Farmgirl), Deb Bock,
(the first to open her business - Keepsakes - in our little gas station, 15 years ago),
Amy McCoy and Timi Weathers-Bottorff,
(creator of Ruffles & Rust).

Super Surprise Guest - Cleste Shaw - owner of the
fabulous Chaps Restaurant in Spokane!

Jeanine Corey and Catt Kimball.

This picture is missing Deb - but Timi's got a great big
smile for the camera this time!

We continue to get excited each time one of you - our wonderful customers -
come walking through the door of the new store!
It's so great to see old friends!  If you haven't made it yet, stop by soon!

Today's Country FARM & Frills
880 Main Street
Buckley, WA  98321
Wednesday - Saturday 10-5, Sundays 11-4

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