Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Monticello's, Fieldfest & Barn House - OH MY!

It continues to be a BUSY time for Amy and I.  Our fabulous little shop has yet to get our undivided attention because of all the other commitments we had already made for the summer -
before we came out of semi-retirement - HA!

We made it into Monticello's in Portland last week to give our booth a much-needed facelift.

Then this last weekend we had FIELDFEST - our annual garage sale in Amy's field.
Which is basically a three day party with vintage trailers, food and fun!

And NOW we are less then two weeks away from the
Barn House Show in Battleground!! But I have no worries -
we work BEST under pressure!

But all the while FARM & Frills is OPEN
and filled with great stuff.
Remember our store hours
Wednesday - Saturday 10 - 5
Sundays 11 - 4


  1. Pheeeeeewwww Wowzer! Crazy time for you all. The shop is now again a very bright spot in our little town once again. Lori is defineatly a very friendly addition while your away;) oh my goodness what fun.... How do I get signed up for that yearly sale in Amy's field? That looks awesome! Good luck on your upcoming adventures and remember to BREATHE ;)

  2. Wish we lived closer. Love all your beautiful things. New Follower.


  3. Haha! You guys, apparently are enjoying your visit to the extravagant barn house show and the Fieldfest. Both events provide amusing products and activities, which I’m sure made you, along with all the attendees, have a lot of fun.

    Rodger Ciliberto